Fall drop 21

Fall drop

Our first-ever collection is a versatile selection of leather articles with marks of life. All of the articles are crafted in Sastamala, Finland.

Fall drop features more oversized bags and smaller essentials for everyday use. Articles are made mainly from reindeer leather, but white-tailed deer leather plays a luxurious part in Model One Tote Bag.

Leather is a by-product of the traditional reindeer herding in Northern Scandinavia and population control. The origin of leather is the wilderness of Finland and this nature’s material is tanned at the Ahlskog Tannery, in Finland. Leather is nature’s product and it’s only natural that it showcases subtle variations that are not flawed. We are not afraid of showing these marks of life. We respect life too much to waste any precious leather. That’s why we are also using the parts where scars and other marks can be found. Every article is truly a unique piece.

The collection draws its inspiration from the diverse nature of the north with a playful twist. This fall, our collection combines two classical colors in the leather business – natural & black.


The Rääkäle is our second design ever. Rääkäle is an oversized and durable tote bag, designed from vegetable-tanned reindeer leather. This versatile tote bag is elevated with a snap closure and inside pocket to keep your belongings in place. Rääkäle does not include lining so that the wild reindeer leather can function and perform naturally. Inspired by the concept of canvas tote bags, this upgraded and kind leather tote bag can be used in multiple ways. Available in black, natural and a combination of these two.

The bifold Nappo Wallet features five slots for cards and a wider pocket for banknotes. This more traditional style comes with practical snap closure and a sling to attach Lieka Strap. Crafted from vegetable-tanned reindeer leather. A slightly longer Lieka strap is made from vegetable-tanned reindeer leather to mix and match with different articles. Attach your essential belongings to it and carry them with style. Our Nappo Wallet and Leammi Pouch are designed to work together with Lieka. The Lieka Strap is completed with a sturdy metal ring and Vuotia logo text branding.

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