Summer day with Julia Oravisto

From pilates studio to the streets of Helsinki. In this part of our journal, we talk with Julia a little bit more about wellness and inspiration.

Julia Oravisto is a mom, pilates instructor, and founder of pilates, yoga & barre studio BAY Helsinki. This time we had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with her in one of her favorite spots in Helsinki, the flower store & gallery BUD.

What is important to you in life?

What a challenging question. Of course, some of the most important things are health, my family, and being able to pursue what I love. Kindness and resilience play a big part as those will get you far in life.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness is relative. Carrots are healthy, but eating only carrots quickly becomes unhealthy. So, I guess wellness to me is a balancing act between those daily choices we make. Sometimes the healthiest choice for your mind and body is to leave the cookies in the jar, and under other circumstances, eating the cookie is precisely the thing that needs to be done for the sake of balance. 

Restricting myself from anything is in the past. Instead, I try to listen to the cues of the body and mind.

What inspires you at the moment?

So many things! I’m always super inspired after summer when autumn arrives in Helsinki. 

I listen to many kinds of music, which often inspires me when planning my Pilates classes. 

My regular meditation practice is a valuable tool in turning inspirations into real creativity, and it helps me get into the state of flow in whatever it is I do.

Lastly, my daughter inspires me with her ‘Joie de Vivre. She pulls me into the present moment and points me to the tiny details around us.