Bare Edit

Honest, wild, untamed, raw, natural & flawless.

It’s nature.

After long winter, nature starts to wake. Looking different than last fall. It is full of traces caused by storms and frost. Still, it’s beautiful and perfect.

The leather we use is the by-product of reindeer herding and population control. This means that the animals have lived free in their natural habitat. Living in nature means scars and all sorts of marks of life. We don’t want to hide those marks; we want to embrace them. Leather is nature’s product, and it’s only natural that it showcases subtle variations that are not flawed. We are not afraid of showing these signs of life. We respect life too much to waste any precious leather. We also use the parts where you can find scars and other marks.

This time we also portrayed the traces of people’s natural bodies and marks of life. Bare edit features one of our cornerstones and embodies our philosophy, undyed leather.


Our designs represent northern craftmanship with an experimental and playful mindset. We advocate the perfect harmony of sustainable fashion and nature.

Because nature is flawless.