We strive to give you the best possible leather articles. As a by-product from the traditional reindeer herding and population control, we believe, that the leather we use is the most finest and ecological there are. Tanning leather is a traditional handicraft that includes about 40 demanding work stages. Ahlskog Tannery blends experience and experimentation. The origin of leather is the wilderness of Finland and this nature’s material is tanned at the Ahlskog Tannery, in Finland.

With an experience of over a hundred years, Ahlskog Tannery has developed an exclusive material from Scandinavian reindeer hides. The company Ahlskog was established in the 1920s by Mr. Hugo Ahlskog and the tannery is located in Kruunupyy, Finland.

Ahlskog was one of the first tanneries in the world to claim a certificate for its environmentally friendly production. For example, Ahlskog uses the minimum amount of water during the work stages. In 2017, Ahlskog Tannery succeeded at the Premiére Vision fair in Paris. A jury of 13 influential international fashion figures awarded prizes to the most impressive developments. The jury commented Ahlskog’s white-tailed deer leather following words: “The leather combining the most amazing tactile and behavioral qualities, the leather that touches the emotions.”

Nowadays, Ahlskog Tannery is run by Mikko Uusitalo. A third-generation tanner works closely with his father, Ilkka, a real walking databank when it comes down to the leather business. Ahslkog’s small team combines experience and fearless experimentation.

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With years of experience of manufacturing leather bags and other accessories, our main partner Okay’s is located in Sastamala, Finland.

Founded in 1967 by Olavi Koivunen, Okay Style started as a subcontractor. Olavi was working in Äetsä (nowadays Sastamala) at the local bag company back in the day. During those years, Olavi met his future wife, Annikki. Olavi bought her a sewing machine, and the story began.

Initially, Okay was crafting bags and leather accessories for other brands, but soon the idea of its own label started to emerge, and the legendary OK product saw the daylight. In 1987, Sami, the son of Olavi and Annikki, joined the company, and the new era of this reputable manufacture has started.

Today, Sami is running the company with his wife Iris. Besides their own brand, Okay manufactures leather and other goods for smaller brands like Vuotia.

With years of experience, Okay is still working with the same principles: manufacturing from quality materials in Finland. For Okay’s, working with family is close to heart, as is the well-being of their employees and subcontractors.

Vuotia is proud to work closely with the family Koivunen. Working with Sami and Iris, we can ensure that the quality meets expectations.

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