All of our articles are from reindeer and white-tailed deer leather. Both of these animals live in their natural habitat in Finland. As a by-product from the meat industry and population control, we believe, that the leather we use is the most luxurious and ecological. This nature’s material is tanned at the Ahlskog Tannery in Finland.

Leather is nature’s product, and it’s only natural that it showcases subtle variations that are not flawed. We are not afraid of showing these signs of life. We respect life too much to waste any precious leather. That’s why we are also using the parts where you can find scars and other marks.


Using reindeer and white-tailer deere leather in our articles is an environmental act itself. These raw materials are a by-product of the meat industry and population control. And using the leather, rather than exterminate it with emissions, is an ecological thing to do. It overwhelms us how little the fashion industry has given worth to this nature’s real luxury. Read more about our leather here.

As our leather comes from the peripheries of Finland, our production is also here in our homeland. Our articles are crafted in Sastamala, Finland. With co-operation with our reputable manufacturer, we gain all the information about our hardware and other materials. In our articles, there isn’t a single thing we lack information about. Therefore, we have awareness and control about everything related to the leather of our products. Something we have quite an exclusive right to be proud of. We are not perfect, but we believe we are going in the right direction. Our products haven’t seen the world much until they are in use – with you.

Lifelong companion

 We want to take it to the extreme and make our products lifelong companions. The leather used in products and the products itself are designed to get through everyday challenges. The leather quality is a result of many decades of development at Ahlskog Tannery. Design is made in collaboration with artesans, who have the vision how to make best solutions in terms of endurance. Normal leather stands time. Our leather is lifelong.

Each article is unique. for real.

This is a result of the life the animals have had in the wilderness. The history will keep living in the product and it is not our intention to try to hide it. Every article is unique – two same kinds of articles can not be found. Though the marks of the previous life can be seen, this doesn’t mean we’d have to make compromises on quality.